Monday, November 30, 2009

Still life in the garden

OK, so maybe my heralding of our first snowfall and next day melt was a little dramatic. I like the moisture the snow brings because till it freezes up, I can pull weeds with relative ease. What the first snow does is make me come to grips with the fact that summer is really over. Well it snowed early Friday, the paths were melted by Friday afternoon and it was all gone by Saturday afternoon. The sun came out Sunday and the temps were in the 50's. What better time to take some pictures? Not that I need an excuse to hunt around the yard for signs of life and beauty. The anemone pictured below must think its spring. It has 6 blooms on it. What a wonderful surprise
This is a nicotine flower that was still hanging in there Saturday morning. For no other reason than it is still surviving, it deserves this shout out.

I did not notice these guys all summer or I would have taken pictures. He didn't freeze because he was walking around.

These ligularia grew from seed. This is next year's nursury project. I'll dig the survivors up in the spring and transfer them to a sheltered bed for a year. We'll give them away after that.

You are looking at our next year's batch of marsh milkweed. It just doesn't know it yet. Pat and I picked the original plant up at a native plant seminar last spring.

This sedum wants to bypass winter and start growing again.


janie said...

Jim, do you harvest seeds from that Ligularia? Perhaps we could work on a trade. I have a ton of seeds I have harvested! I am glad we don't have to contend with snow. It was cold and wet here all day, and I never left the house. Not even to go into the garden.

Noelle Johnson said...

Wow Jim, there is still so much beauty and texture in your garden. I am glad the snow did not stick around long. The anemone is so beautiful!

PhotoGirl said...

i love the first shot in this column. i do think your bug pics are good for competition!