Friday, January 27, 2012

it's for the birds!

Thank you for all the kind remarks. I missed you guys and your gardening adventures also.
Pat and I feed the birds. We have bird feeders all over the yard, front and back. We also throw seed on the ground for the overflow crowd at lunch-time. I have long given up trying to keep squirrels out of the bird feeders. Squirrel-proof feeders are also Jim proof, so I don't bother. Squirrels and chipmunks are the cost of feeding the birds.
But enough is enough. I like Bambi as much as the next guy. I cried when Bambi or Thumper or was it Sneezy? died in the forest fire or got hit by the truck or whatever in the movies. Alright, maybe I wasn't paying attention, even at an early age, but for crying out loud. We plant sacrificial hosta for Bambi and crew. We dump corn and bird seed in piles on the ground. What do these guys want? Maybe I should put drink stands with tropical drinks with umbrellas and ash trays out there for the dinner crowd.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

where was i

And what was I doing. Well, I was sick; not only sick but sick and busy. Now healthy and busy is alright. Sick and not so busy, while it still stinks, is sort of OK because you get to sleep a lot. No, I was sick and busy. The projects at work kept piling up and I was having eye trouble due to my diabetes, but I am better now. My eyes have stabilized and I have the projects under control.
And about time too, as garden show season is just about upon us and you can never go to too many garden shows. I told Pat that this year I will maintain a semblance of restraint in my search for yard ornamentation. I know there is a line out there someplace between just enough and some family member calling the hoarders hotline. I think I am still safely in the not-enough-stuff category. I can always find room for the art that calls my name.
Katie and Sean brought the grandkids to visit for a week during the holidays. That was fun. I never thought I would turn into “that “kind of grandfather. You know, the one who has a bazillion pictures of the worlds cutest babies, but I have. The other grandparents at work sit around sharing pictures with each other. My ipod now contains pics of the grandkids.
We finally got some snow and am I glad. Until the snow came I had to fight the urge to rake the yard and order sweet peet. Wisdom in the form of Pat’s voice prevailed. The rakes stayed in the garage. I ordered fire wood instead 

Welcome to Cleveland in the winter girls