Saturday, March 29, 2008

The last bit of snow?

So there it is. That little white spot in the grass is the last of the snow in the front yard. It's hiding out like a payroller back in Chicago.
I struck up a conversation with my neighbor about maybe we've seen the last of the snow. He laughed and told me that his folks in Toledo just got 5 inches. I figure that god does have a sence of humor. Toledo went for Hilary.

So do you think we'll need boots in June?

back yard snow
This stuff will last till May

This lenten rose has two flower buds on it.

This place built the Panama canal

I had to make an unexpected trip to Bucyrus Ohio this past Friday. I've always wanted to visit, but kept putting it off. What a great time to bring the camera and get some shots of the murals in town. In case you don't remember the picture of TR sitting in a Bucyrus steam shovel in the canal zone, I've included one.

Monday, March 24, 2008

someplace out there is Canada

But you'll find open water first. That's why we've had 3 feet of snow in March.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Hope Springs Eternal

The title says it all.

Spring can't too far away. We got stuff coming up all over the front yard. The back yard's still got snow on it, so who knows what's growing back there besides mud. I think the first picture's of daffodils or something like that. If you think I know what these plants are, you havn't been reading this blog long. So, we'll go with dafodils, but if you say day lilies, ok too.

Now these things are stella doro day lilies, I think. Now, I always thought that stella doro were maurice lanell cookies.

i have no clue what these things are, but they are green. Pat told me yesterday what they are but i forgot.

These are the tulips Katie and Sean got us from the Netherlands. 400 or so years ago, these things cost more than our house. Now, since this is northeast Ohio, maybe just the garage. This is really a pleasent suprise. The bulbs didn't get eaten by whatever varmints eat tulip bulbs.

Mr. Duck

Sunday, March 16, 2008

put your pistols away, the sun's out!

All across Northeastern Ohio people were coming out of their snowbound homes to stare at something some children have only heard of. No kiddies, it's not a myth. It's the sun. After two days of relentless snow and who knows how many days of overcast, Sol has shown his face. Man, there is nothing quite like the sun right after a snow storm. The sky is all azure blue. The clouds look like cotton candy. The sun shines like a police flashlight in your highschool face and the snow is all sparkly. How pristine the moment until you look out into the street and think. I'm not going out in that.
The boys have differing views of the snow. Fred looks at us and goes, what are you, nuts? The snows deeper then me. I"ll poop in the house thankyou. Bob, on the other hand, loves the snow. I can let him off leash and he just has a great time.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Bob the Dog saves the day

It's been snowing for two days now. it's supposed to stop sometime soon. This isn't your Bing Crosby, Bob Hope kinda of snow where eveyone's giddy and happy. No, this stuff is more like South American soccer team snow where you end up gnawing your best friend's leg off. The PD's already had the annual one day of sun a month issue which was quickly followed by the everyone's depressed because of the lack of sun and too much snow issue. The classic rock stations play Neil Young's Powderfinger all day long. The PD then has its depression and suicide issue. Well, so much for the good news.

You gotta ask yourself why is this all happening. If you're a follower of brother Al Gore you might think global warming. I saw Gore's infomercial and the documentary film The Next Day and maybe they got a point. But I'm thinking something more biblical. The weather channel said that Rhode Island is suffering from torrential rain storms. Ohio is suffering a state wide blizzard of historical propotions. Maybe, just maybe, god's not happy with the primary results. I mean, you don't hear anything bad about Vermont do you?