Monday, November 14, 2011

went to the food show, got some yard art

Pat and I went to the food Show this past weekend. The IX center was packed with exhibitors and visitors. The lines to see celebrity chefs were like giant snakes, winding their way to infinity. I didn’t want to wait hours to get up close and personal with my favorite chef. Besides how up close and personal can you get with an audience in the thousands. I’ll sit closer to the tv next time I tune in. There were all kinds of booths. Some actually were food related. Next time we want a patio room installed, we’ll make a point of visiting the food show. During our tour I thought I heard that familiar refrain: “it dices, it slices, it’s the sledge-o-matic.” Oh, that’s right, wrong show. Hey, I forget things and my thoughts tend to wander. I almost forgot the best booth in the whole show, better than celebrity chefs or free food. We found lawn ornamentation, wonderful, beautiful, Ohio-made lawn ornamentation. One look in the booth and I was in my gardening zone. I seem to remember Pat just shrugging her shoulders. Events like this is why I carry around “just in case” money. My money and I were soon parted, but boy, did I get some wonderful looking lawn ornamentation. Getting them into the car was problematic. Why do we always bring the small car to big car events? Who would have thought to find great art at a food show?
Maybe the metal bird will scare off the deer.
 I'm not creative enough to have come up with this idea. it was Pat's idea. It looks pretty cool.

We have all winter to move these things around until we find that perfect spot.