Tuesday, July 23, 2013

swampus milkweedi

I finally decided to come inside and blog. I’ve been in the garden since school let out in June and I haven’t wanted to do anything else except work in the yard. I count sitting in the yard as work because someone has to watch all the birds, bees, butterflies, and critters as they go about their day.
A few years ago, Pat and I bought a couple of swamp milkweeds (asclepias incarnate) from Scioto Gardens in Delaware Ohio. We wanted to attract bees and butterflies. I also wanted an exuberant plant with a pretty flower, so that when it started to take over the garden, Pat might not notice. The plant attracts bees and butterflies like crazy. I can hear the buzz of a zillion wings moving around the yard. It also self-seeds like nobody’s business.
I have seeds and plants for the asking. They need wet soil and sun. As you’ll see, they can get to be 6 feet; but only after a couple of years.

wordless wednesday

Thursday, July 11, 2013