Friday, May 31, 2013

i'm back

It has been a long while since I last blogged about our garden. One thing leads to another and all of a sudden a year has gone by. Well, my love of working in the garden did not go away as the picture of that fine Ohio product, Sweet Peet will attest. Pat and I got 10 yards of the stuff this time. The combination of composted animal manure and leaf humus is all we will put in our garden. All the beds get refreshed with it and it is perfect combined with newspaper to start a new bed.
 You'll notice Smith Brothers delivered it. We have been getting our gardening needs from these guys almost since we moved to Ohio. They know their stuff and even recognized us at the Medina Garden show.
Last fall I dumped all the hosta in pots in a mound of compost, thinking that would be better than leaving them to winter over in pots. What a mistake. I never thought finding them in the spring would be so hard. Well it is a lesson learned. This coming fall, the hosta stay in pots.

This is our first big project of the spring. Why not dig out all the day lilies from this part of the yard, separate them, add some hosta and create a new flower bed. It only took 2 days, and eliminated another piece of turf grass from the yard. I will shed no tears for the late turf grass.

 These guys I don't like roaming around in the garden. They should go play on the highway.
 These guys we like and they seem to like our yard because there is always food for them, if Bambi and his gang of thugs don't eat it first. 

We lost our shade on the patio last fall. Jimmy cut the dead trees down and dug the root balls out. There is something about developers who plant trees with a 20-30 year life cycle that leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Or maybe it was the clay I was digging up around the root balls. None the less, our hosta and ligularia are going to have a couple of rough years until the newly planted trees can throw some shade.