Friday, November 13, 2009

our back yard

Pat and I don't have a distinct section that you could call a garden. We garden the whole yard. We use the ever shrinking turf grass as a palette. I would rather show pictures of the yard in June and July when everything is green and thick. But, these pictures still tell a nice story. You can tell the yard's been worked. The gravel paths started as just a way to cross the yard in the winter to get to the wood pile. Well, as you know, one thing led to another and 28 tons later, Pat and I can walk and garden anywhere in the yard, regardless of how muddy the ground is. The white pvc tubes around the yard are bumpers so the water hose doesn't crush any plants. You can't even see them in the summer. Anywhere you see plantings we worked in sweet peet. It is the only fertilizer we use. We weed by hand daily. We'll put out 40 or so pots in the spring.

I thought that I was the only one who liked wide yard shots. I recently joined Blotanical to see other garden blogs. I ran across a blogger from Wisconsin who blogs at: . Sylvanna has a wonderful blog on what makes a great garden blog. You should check it out.

So, I'll take these shots all year round. One of these years I might even use them to compare one year to the next for planning purposes.


Sylvana said...

LOVE IT!! Great shots. I can look at those pictures and imagine strolling around in your garden. These are also very good at showing your layout and design.

janie said...

What a great garden! We have clay too, but it is o.k. We just learned to deal with it. I bet you spend most of your life out there in warm weather. I would.

Barry said...

What a wonderful sanctuary to have to garden within. ALL THAT SHADE! I would be in heaven! Thanks for the tour - expect to see lots more in the future!

Jim Groble said...

Thanks so much. We sit out in the yard till the snow covers the chairs. I was sitting or actually sleeping in my favorite spot when the ducks came strolling by. It's the only way I could have ever got that shot.

Noelle Johnson said...

Hi Jim,

That is a great idea, to pull out photos of the different seasons. Especially when you get tired of seeing a view of snow and need to see some green again :)

In the hot summer, I enjoy looking at photos from the winter and spring.