Wednesday, November 25, 2009

and you don't need to water them

Now I don't want anyone to think "Oh, Jim is so artsy craftsy" because I'm not. I don't have an artsy craftsy bone in my body. I dig in the dirt. Now Pat is very artsy craftsy as the pictures show. We do not dead head flowers because we want them to reseed themselves and feed the birds. The dried plants also make the backyard look nice. Today while I was hunting up plants with life in them, Pat decided to bring some of our backyard beauty inside. We got your hydrangia, ligularia, sedum, goats beard, goldenrod, hosta and some kind of grass in the vases. I think I did pretty well my naming all except one.

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Unknown said...

Hi Jim...the dry arrangements look very nice! How lovely to have a huge hydrangea bush!