Wednesday, October 14, 2009

these could be the last flowers

The weather outlook calls for snow tommorrow. Well I knew it was coming, but I was kinda hoping that it would hold off till November or December. I find myself in the weird position where both the lawnmower and snowblower are full of gas and ready to go. Our garden is a paradox (the ones that could fly have long gone south). You'll get it if you've watched the Marx Brothers as much as I have.The leaves are losing their color at the same time new leaves and flowers are streching for the sun. The new ligularia seem to have doubled and tripled over night just as the mature plants are giving up the ghost. The hydrangas have a dozen new buds. It's a race to see if they bloom before the first frost. The last pic is a weed, but remember, one man's weed is another man's flower.

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