Sunday, October 25, 2009

fall gardening

It didn't rain today and the sun was out. It was a perfect cool fall day for gardening. Pat emptied pots and condensed others with hearty flowers. All the plants went into the compost pile. The excess dirt got dumped where we can use it later. I dug ligularia out of the nursery bed. The ligularia grew better than planned. We have 17 good sized plants for our friends and neighbors. As much as I love ligularia, I'm at a loss where I could put another plant. It is such a cool feeling giving plants away. We filled the nursery with hosta that were in pots. They wouldn't survive the winter in the pots. We'll either leave them or find new homes in the spring. We want to use the nursery for distressed hosta. Deer chow down on the first hosta that pops up in the spring, so we rehab them in the bed next to the sun room. I hope weekends are dry and sunny till December, but this is northeast Ohio, so it can snow tommorrow.

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