Friday, October 23, 2009

it glows

The yard has taken on a golden tone. Even though its been raining all day and there's no sun (probably won't see it again till April), you needed sun glasses in the back yard. The leaves just shimmered, especially when the wind blew. I thought of a line from that Tom Waits song, "Franks Wild Years". The yard was "all Halloween orange and chimney red".

Most of my neighbors are out using leaf blowers to clean up their yards. It's fun watching them out every day just to do it all over and over again, and again. I like the look of the leaves all over the ground. If it dries up, I'll mow the leaves to mulch. It's better for the yard and the environment (alright, alright, I haven't gone all gooey eyed). It's also so much easier.


Noelle Johnson said...

Hello Jim,

I found your blog on Blotanical.

I enjoyed this post. I agree with you that the leaves on the ground are beautiful. It makes me smile to think of the other gardeners who are out trying to clean up their leaves constantly. I am all for low-maintenance.

I look forward to reading more of your posts.

janie said...

It does glow. Very pretty.

Lona said...

Hello fellow Buckeye. I was wondering about the name of your blog too. Thanks for the explanation LOL. The rain really brought down the leaves this weekend. Sad to see the colors disappear. You have such a cozy looking yard and garden. You know the deers finally got to all of my impatiens too. They must become eating machines eating any and everything in the Fall. Thanks for dropping by my blog.

Nell Jean said...

Hi, Jim and Pat and Bob and Fred. Bob and Fred -- those were my cousin Debbie's first two husbands. The third time was the charm.

I never heard it put quite the way, about the dead horse, we often speak of 'beating a tired horse,' when the subject is about exhausted.

Loved your fall show. We kind of just go from green to brown, except for a little red in the sassafras and sumac.

Welcome to Blotanic.