Sunday, October 25, 2009

soil tiles

We use soil tiles and chimney flues for flower pots in the back yard. We found a supply house in Akron that specializes in construction tile about 5 years ago. The guys in the shop looked at Pat and me like we had a third eye or something, but they were happy to take our money. The tiles have done a marvelous job for us. The vinca vines we planted in one of them defies logic every year and keeps coming back, like the perennial it isn't supposed to be this far north. The last couple of years the dappled willow has grown so large that the tiles near it are under constant shade. Well, I don't know why we decided to move them today, but we did. Our best ideas come to us when we're in the yard working. So right in the middle of two seperate projects, we moved two tiles into the light. When we got done, Pat and I both wondered why the tiles hadn't always been where we put them.


Anonymous said...

Your youngest niece is wondering if you've discovered skeletal remains from victims of your large carnivorous-looking Hastas? Nice use of drain tiles, btw. Nice garden - you and Mom will have lots of quality time together working the soil, once she moves in with you and Pat.

Jim Groble said...

my yougest neice is three and dresses in a pumpkin suit.