Saturday, October 31, 2009

So, I finally joined something

I recently found a gardening site called Blotanical. Its motto is “where garden blogs bloom”. What a wonderful site.
Pat and I are the only ones who garden in our neighborhood. We joined a garden club, but it didn’t work out. We joined to improve our knowledge and only got lectures about the “right way” to garden. I trolled the internet, to some success, but still felt limited. One day I found the “Blotanical” tag on a blog and the rest is history.
I found a place where people garden for the joy it brings and want to share their experiences, ideas and pictures with anyone who’ll listen. I have visited some outstanding blogs and talked (that is the correct term, is it not) to some wonderful people about gardening.
I am not a trained gardener. My gardening style can be best described as hit and miss with a memory. I’ll move a plant three or four times till I find the right spot. The right spot is defined as anywhere the plant does well. I can tell you the general broad names of the plants I have. I just can’t remember the Latin names. I know that may seem strange with my blog name being in Latin and all, but it is.
You really should check out “Blotanical” if you are an avid gardener, a hobby gardener, a beginner gardener, or just like to look at garden pictures. I, by chance, consider myself an anarchist gardener. Become a “Blotanist” like me.
Here’s a link, so there’s no excuse for not joining, and you can meet other people as fun as me!

I just can’t do a blog without a picture, so here it is.


Val said...

What a fascinating plant. What is it? The textures and colours are amazing! Bit like a cactus dahlia! Val

Jim Groble said...

It's a ligularia flower gone to seed. I took the pic right after a rain so everything clumped together.

D said...

Hey Jim, I move plants 3 or 4 times and I've been doing this for 20 years. My hubby says, "A bed is not right unless she's redone it at least that many times." ;) That is the beauty of gardening. Kudos to you and the love of your life for your gardening passion.