Tuesday, March 22, 2011

World Water Day

Living in the Great Lakes Basin, it is easy to take abundant fresh water for granted. There always seems to be enough water to waste, but there really isn’t. Towns and cities just outside the basin try every political trick in the book to get Great Lakes water. Every year I read stories about how some politician in a water deprived area of the country has hatched another scheme to get our water. Hey, you got our jobs, you aren’t getting our water.

Water is too precious to waste. Everyone needs to do what they can to limit their use of fresh water. Pat and I took some easy steps in this regard. We don’t water turf grass. The grass grows as tall as the homeowners association and its yard police allow it, or it dies. We attached water barrels to our downspouts. It wasn’t that hard and they look cool. We don’t buy plants that need special care or can’t grow unaided in our climate. Most importantly, we do not use chemicals. The old joke about flush twice, (fill in the name of a down stream city) needs water, is really no joke. Lawn chemicals finding their way into our watershed will eventually turn science fiction movies into reality.

Do what you can.


Anonymous said...

Neat setup! We always take things for granted till we lose them.

Kris said...

Is that your rain barrel? Did you make it yourself? Did it come that color or did you paint it to blend in with the house? Do you drain it completely before the weather freezes? What sort of diverter do you have on your downspout to feed the barrel? Have you found that one isn't enough? I bought 4 barrels last year and I'm trying to figure out if I should make each a stand-a-lone or link them together. Trust me, I never take water for granted. Good for you for catching rain when you can. Sorry for all the questions... LOL

Alistair said...

Wow Kris that was a lot of questions, made me smile anyway. Good point Jim,I have heard in the past, that in times of drought the English would like access to Scottish water. However in previous years they have had more than there own share.