Monday, March 29, 2010

signs of spring

So doesn't the little rabbit look cute? I caught him on his way to the rabbit condo we have under our deck. Pat and I feed our wildlife in the hope that the critters will leave our garden alone. From past experiences, rabbits seem to like everything Pat and I plant. For awhile we tried to out plant them, but the more we planted, the more they ate. Well they still are cute.

All of the sedum came back.

The chives came back. I wonder if I can split it like a grass?

This is the first ligularia to pop up. Now if only the hosta would start to show signs of life.

We moved our primrose 4 times before we found the right spot.

The pachysandra is getting ready to bloom. Our side yard and the back part of the back yard is covered with the stuff. The flower is small and white. It gives the carpet of green a subtle beauty. It is evergreen, slow growing and unrelenting in its quest to take over the earth, or at least our back yard.


Floridagirl said...

Wonderful signs of spring! (Can't wait to see your hostas break through.) That bunny is so cute!

BernieH said...

That looks like one healthy well-fed bunny! It sure seems like spring has sprung for you.

The Idiot said...

I was torn between beef and chicken, but you've made up my mind for me; rabbit pie tonight! Thanks Jim.

Noelle Johnson said...

A fluffy bunny almost in time for easter :-) I wonder too, if you can divide the chives. Let me know if it works :-)

Lona said...

They are cute. I do not have any near us. Something must be keeping them away.Maybe all of the rest of the critters like the coons and cats.I had a fun time outdoors this morning doing some more cleanup until my back told me to stop.Will be back out there tomorrow though working on some beds. Enjoy it while I can before winter comes back to Ohio weather. Have a wonderful week and it looks like you are getting a lot of growth in your garden now.

Curbstone Valley Farm said...

That's a great photo of your bunny. We have a bunny here too that moved in last year. Most mornings I see it out on the lawn, nibbling the weeds. I keep telling myself 'not cute, not the vegetable garden REALLY not cute'...but darn it, I agree, they are cute!

Victoria said...

Oh my gosh..that rabbit..what a beauty!! all your pics are super lovely..but I am in love with your rabbit-charmer!!

janie said...

Of course you can divide your chives. Soon, you will have so many chives that you will be eating them on baked potatoes, eggs, salads, steaks, and will resort to making various vinegars and flavored oils to use them up. Bunnies don't usually eat chives.

We don't have a bunny problem. Skunks, yes, but not bunnies.

Glad Spring has come for you.

My Ligularia is BEAUTIFUL!!!

Stone Art's Blog said...

They try to look cute, so you don’t chase them away with a big angry stick in one hand and your most prised plant (well the bit that he didn’t eat) in the other!

WiseAcre said...

You need a good Hossenfeffer recipe although I prefer Shishkabugs (bunny)

leavesnbloom said...

I divide chives all the time Jim - their roots are just little bublils like minature onions.

As for rabbits - cute behind fencing but not cute in my garden - they used to shave things to soil level and if they didn't like the top growth they dug up the plants and ate the roots.

Christine B. said...

Your Ligularia has such wonderful colors at emergence. Hope mine make it through the (very late) winter. I won't know for a discouraging;)

Christine in Alaska

D said...

Hello Jim and Pat, your garden is alive and well! and yes, I split my chives and give everyone starts (just take a chunk out of an edge and it won't even care).

We hope you have a blessed Easter season.

Jim Groble said...

Janie, leavesnbloom, and Di.
Thanks so much about the chives.

Noelle, Our friends have spoken. Divide away. Since rabbits don't like them, I'm going to surround my beds with stuff.

As to you guys that want to do harm to the bunny, The homeowners association would frown on me chasing them with the car.

Janie. Post pics of the ligularia. I would love to see them.


lotusleaf said...

The rabbit is sure having plenty to eat in your garden!Happy Easter!

Adrian Ayres Fisher said...

Hi Jim,

Thanks for stopping by my blog.I never thought of using sweet peet.

We used to have a larger bunny population that would, among other things, eat the scilla right down to the ground. Then a very large neighborhood cat decided my yard is a good lurking place. I'm not saying the cat ate the bunnies--but the scilla is flourishing.

Re Chives, yes, you can divide them, as Janie said. I have also found chives in other parts of my garden; how they got there only the wind knows.

Anonymous said...

Jim, great pictures of spring flowers. You are a bit ahead of me here in SD. I laughed when I read your comment on my blog about our buffalo manure and zoo poop! Too funny! Thanks