Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Central Ohio Home and Garden Show part 2

There were so many pictures to choose from that I almost didn't know where to start. A couple things we noticed were the amount of hosta displayed and the use of Virginia Sweetspire (Itea virginica). Before I continue, I need to shout, "there, I did it. I used Latin in naming a plant." Ok then. I hope the Latin is right. It has an ica at the end, so it looks Latin. The two Cleveland shows and the Akron show did not display any Sweetspire. What a shame, since it is such a beautiful bush. We have three Virginia sweetspires and they are a great bush to have in your yard. The ones at the show were just starting to bloom. In full bloom the bush is magnificent with it's delicate tubular flowers. The guy who took Katie and Sean's wedding pictures shot a picture of them through our Sweetspire. It was a great pic. The bush adds color in the fall with a deep red leaf. The hosta I'm saving for the next post. I've also decided to try to use Latin, real Latin, not the made up stuff that I normally use when describing plants and flowers. I am not changing my anarchist way of gardening, just trying to sound like I know what I'm talking about. Enjoy the pics.

I think this is Jacobs Ladder. Pat and I have it scattered amongst the hosta in the deep shade part of the yard. I really need to get the book Gardeners Latin. That way, I wouldn't have to keep one eye in Google.

I bet our hellebore's look like this. Problem is they are still buried under a foot of snow.

The best part of garden shows is the instant color gratification I can get with mass plantings.


Christine B. said...

Just the spring fix I needed in the midst of blizzard conditions. Thanks!

Christine in Alaska

Unknown said...

I bet they smell as wonderful as they are beautiful! Great photoing! Iflorist.co.uk

Anonymous said...

Dear Jim, I have so enjoyed looking at the pictures of the show. As you say, one is spoilt for choice. Thank you for taking the time and trouble to share them.

Lona said...

It looks Latin Jim.LOL! You could not prove it by me though because I am lucky to remember the common names nowadays. You got some great pictures of the show. Did you tell everyone to step aside so you could get them. LOL!Some of my plants are now seeing the light of day here. The mounds of snow is almost gone. Yeah!