Monday, March 8, 2010

Central Ohio Home and Garden Show part1

Pat and I spent a wonderful day in Columbus this Saturday at the Central Ohio Home and Garden Show where I met Scooby Doo. Thank you Lona for the tickets. If you haven't visited her A Hocking Hills Garden blog, stop by, it's a great site. We did not know what to expect from the show because it was our first trip. Well, we got lots of home but not so much garden and the hall needed more lighting. What gardens we got were wonderful. The landscape companies always seem to bring their 'A" game to these shows. I was staring at a ornamental tree that I had never seen before when I started up a conversation with a couple who were admiring the same tree. One thing led to another and low and behold, I met another garden blogger. Please visit Delaware Green Acre. I was amazed that the world is so small.
I'm staying with water features and yard ornamentation today. I'll post flower pictures later. I am drawn to lawn ornamentation and have to take pictures of it. Pat said something about me and shiny objects.

Pat thinks that if we buy a big rock, I can just drill a hole through it with the hammer drill and we can make a water feature. More on that later.

This display was designed and built by high school students. Very cool. If only I had known that there was a gardener lurking within a lazy teenager when I was a kid.

The gentleman who built this display noticed me gazing at the agave and said " bet you never saw one in bloom in Ohio." Well, I haven't seen one bloom ever, but I told him I had a friend in Phoenix who would get a kick out of the pic.

The guy at the soil tile shop in Akron, where Pat and I bought ours, would be amazed that soil tiles have made the gardening main stram.

How can I go to a garden show without getting some yard art? When we got home, Pat admitted that the wings were different. Another successful adventure with Pat and Jim.


Larry said...

Jim... I just got to your blog... what beautiful hosta... I can see it will take quite awhile to explore all your postings and I'm looking forward to it! I hadn't realized that I get messages on Blotannical until a few minutes ago... ligularia... wow... I haven't had good luck with them I'm afraid, and haven't used them in years. LC

Anonymous said...

Dear Jim, I am amazed at the huge selection of garden accessories available. You obviously had great fun at the show. It is really good that you do have these to go to whilst you cannot be out gardening. I shall look forward to seeing which plants caught your eye in Part 2.

quu said...

I just love visiting garden shows - so many ideas to bring back home.

Specially I liked that picture where were tall pot and top of it some green plant. What a amazing it would be to plant hosta top of that kind of pot.. :)

Unknown said...

What a fun show this looks to have been! I wannnnntttt those metal sunflowers. A friend of mine up the road has a water feature done with a nice hunk of granite, but I remember him saying he went through several drill bits to get the job done.

You're braver than I am--had a giant plush animal come lumbering towards me, I'd have gone in the opposite direction immediately. If not sooner.

Floridagirl said...

Those are wonderful garden ornaments! I see you met a celebrity! I love that show! ; )

Benjamin Vogt said...

Is there anything better than garden art--esp stone and copper--in the garden?

leavesnbloom said...

I was over at Lona's place earlier seeing all her photos of the event and just had to pop over here to see yours too - looks like it was a great day for you both. Only a few photos were taken of the same things but from a different perpective. That car was cool wasn't it.

Noelle Johnson said...

Hi Jim,

I LOVE the agave. It looks just like it was modeled after my Agave desmettiana. We have some artisans that create agave out of rusted metal. I love the look, but will stick with my live ones for now :^)

Lona said...

Your pictures are way better than mine Jim.Believe it or not it was lighter in there this year than last. Hey, I got one of those bronze hummingbirds too. LOL! Liked it better tan the painted ones.

Kyna said...

BAHAHA!! Hilarious first picture. A picture after my own heart. Scoob looks like he found some Scooby-snacks in an unexpected place...your head! :D

Unknown said...

Yo, yo, yo, Jim,
The "wings" actually reminds me of one that the Prince of Wales has at his Harcourt gardens. I am loving your posts, and they really spur me to get outside and work.

P.S. Where was Elvis?