Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Central Ohio home and Garden Show Part 3

This is Pat. She's the brains of the operation and my partner in our gardening adventure. She's also the real gardener in the family. She actually knows plant names while I still use terms like the red one, the yellow one, or possibly my favorite, it looks like a sunflower, just smaller and a different color. You get the idea. I know she didn't think there was a hidden gardener inside the guy she married. Heck, I didn't either. All this background makes the idea that one day I would be the proud gardener of somewhere around 500 hosta all the more funny. I guess saying I like hosta is sort of an understatement.

The Columbus Garden Show displayed a lot of hosta, more than all the other shows we have seen put together. I even found some hosta I have places for in our yard, because as we all know, there is always room for just one or two or three more of that favorite plant.

I want all these little guys. I have larger versions of these. You can use small hosta to fill in those odd open spots you have in your yard.

This Maui Buttercup is just great looking.


Anonymous said...

Jim, I once heard no less a plant expert than Lady Bird Johnson in an interview refer to a flower as a "DYC" and then explained, "damn yellow composite -- they all look alike." So you're in good company with your "looks like a sunflower, but smaller" description. -Jean

Anonymous said...

Dear Jim, I really do believe that together with Pat you make an excellent partnership. Gardening is not, in my belief, about how much or how little one knows, but much more to do with the enjoyment and pleasure to be had from working with plants in the great outdoors.

Your Hosta collection grows by the hour!!

Anonymous said...

You will have us all inspired to fill our gardens with Hostas at this rate! I do like that Maui Buttercup's colour and form.

Lona said...

Were there that many Hostas at the show LOL! I guess the color got my attention more. Since you are a the Ohio hosta guy you spotted them. I like the Praying Hands Hosta, I like the shape of the leaves.
By the way, no thanks on the offer of giving me more critters or shipping in deer LOL! We have plenty of varmints in the hills. Hope you both are enjoying this melt down.

Floridagirl said...

I truly envy gardeners who can grow hosta. For we cannot grow those beauties here in the Florida peninsula. I once had a grand hosta collection myself up in Atlanta. ;`(

Melody said...

You sound like my husband - lol. He wasn't much into gardeining at first, but now he likes to pick out plants too. He will say, "let's get some of those geraniums" and I will ask,"you mean hydrangeas?" "yeah - that's what I meant".
Or I will say that I want to move a camellia, and he will tell me that I have to show it to him; the he says "oh, that one."
As long as he digs the holes for the shrubs and trees, I'm happy:)

The Idiot said...

I tend to refer to all my sproutage as 'the green ones'. I figure I might need a better system, so might refer to some as 'theones that look like sunflowers, but they're green and are really vegetables'.

Shady Gardener said...

Yes, there's always room for one or two more... ;-)

Gardening is a labor of love and when you are sharing it with the love of your life, Wow! How much better could it get?

Happy Spring to the two of you!

PS I'm so excited about the prospect of sowing my ligularia seeds before long! :-)