Sunday, January 3, 2010

plants and flowers in Katie and Sean's neighborhood

I had to put the blimp hanger into a post. There are two of these things across the street from Katie and Sean's development. They are BIG! When Pat and I took our walks around the neighborhood the blimp hangers seemed to loom over the neighborhood like some image from "Blade Runner." A pleasant surprise was how the development watered the common areas. All water run off is collected and recycled. Nice. These pictures are from the common areas and a few homes. Every morning when Pat and I walked, we could see crews working the common areas.

Pat and I are trying to get ideas of what to plant in Sean's and Katie's front patio (it's too small to be called a yard). The development has a list of acceptable bushes and trees. Everything we took pictures of is acceptable. I am asking my Blotanical friends for help identifing the plants in the pictures. I thank you all in advance. My next posting will have the "yard" and balcony planting areas.

OK, I know what a rose is. I can't tell you what kind it is and Katie doesn't want one. The flower was just too pretty to skip. The development has fields of roses at intersections.

There is something about what I call hub and spoke flowers that I love. I want to plant everyone I see. Pat says these kind of flowers bring an aura of peace and tranquility to a yard. Who ever thought we would turn into garden philosophers in our middle age.
We could use the tall plant at the front corner of the fence as a privacy screen, if only I could ID it.
OK, finally something I am familiar with and grow. All my other IDs were guesses.



Noelle Johnson said...

Hi Jim,

OK, here are the ones that I can ID:

#3 is Pink Trumpet Vine (Podranea ricasoliana).
#4 is Yellow Daisy (Euryops pectinatus).
#5 is a Camellia - I think.
#6 is an Agapanthus. They come in white as well.
#7 might be a Carolina jessamine, but I am not sure.
#9 is an Hibiscus.
#10 is a type of Geranium.
#11 is called Bicolor Iris (Dietes bicolor).
#13 is called Natal Plum (Carissa macrocarpa).
#14 is a Bush Lantana (Lantana camara). They come in a lot of different colors. This one looks similar to the variety 'Confetti'. I hope the ID's help. The garden will look just beautiful!

Lona said...

It would be so wonderful to have beautiful blooms like that all year long. Is it snowing up there Jim and Pat?
With the lake effect snows you should have your fill Jim. LOL!

Shady Gardener said...

The foliage on #1 looks so "familiar." Hopefully someone can help you with this.

Noelle has done a wonderful job. In Iowa we have Hardy Hibiscus that winter over (but die to the ground in the Winter), and Rose of Sharon. If #9 is a woody bush that remains in place all winter, it would be a Rose of Sharon (part of the hibiscus family).

Sorry I'm not much help at all. But things look wonderful over there. Your header photo is beautiful. Is that a ligularia in the midst of your hosta?

debsgarden said...

Hi, I think #1 is a white flowering rosemary, #5 is a gardenia (very fragrant), and #12 is some kind of chrysanthemum. Happy gardening!