Friday, December 4, 2009

World's turned upside down

I got home from school early enough today for the boys and me to enjoy some sunshine. I got to engage in my favorite non-gardening activity which is taking pictures of all the plants and stuff that Pat and I planted. There is still life in the yard even though there's ice on the bird baths. I wonder whether to break the ice for the birds or just buy some really small ice skates. Most of the yard is full of dried out plants which we won't cut down till spring, but there are some suprises. The lavender shows no sign of fading away and I discovered our primroses are still green. The primroses winter under a cover of leaves.

On the way home from school, I heard that South Texas got snow. Snow, for crying out loud. Do they even sell snow shovels or snow blowers in South Texas? I'm sitting up here in Cleveland Ohio and I'm going to mow the grass. We got a dusting of snow last week, but it only lasted a day. I had to check out my fellow blotanist, Janie. She blogs at:
You have to visit her post "OH NO! IT"S SNOWING"
Snow still brings a chuckle to me, especially when it's some else's snow. Janie, I hope all your plants are ok.

These are the ligularia seeds I'm sending to Texas.

Look at the new growth on the vinca that went native. It looks like we have two different kinds.

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