Saturday, December 19, 2009

we got a dusting

It's snowing all around use, but all we're getting is a dusting of snow. At this rate it will be a week before the grass gets covered. Till then, I'm going to spend time in the yard taking pictures and seeing what there is to see. There is always something that adds beauty and joy to our day.
The snow on my blog adds a nice touch.

Only 2 more months until the lenten rose blooms. Hope there's snow by then because the bloom looks really cool against the snow.

The Virginia sweet spire will keep its leaves till spring.

The vinca still looks good with snow on it.

The sedum looks like it is covered in powdered sugar.

The yard still looks good , even when most everything is dormant.

Probably time to bring the pot of rosemary into the sun room.


Noelle Johnson said...

Hi Jim,

Beautiful, snowy photos. I still can't believe that your Vinca stays green through the winter....

Joanne said...

Great shots JimLove your big hosta.