Friday, December 18, 2009

Merry Christmas from the boys

Our pets are as much a part of who we are as our gardens. Bob and Fred are our constant companions and would help garden if they had thumbs. Since they don't, they guard the yard from invaders like the squirrels who want to dominate the world or the robins who want to steal every worm in the yard. The boys keep the yard free from Canada geese and leave the mallards alone. Deer scare them as much as they scare the deer.

Bob and Fred are both rescue dogs. We found Fred rummaging in the garbage behind a diner in Western Illinois eleven and a half years ago. Our Sarah brought him into the restaurant and said "Daddy?" What could I do? We got Bob four years ago after we lost Lucky to liver failure. Our vet has a rescue shelter and Bob was the perfect remedy for our grief.

Choosing the perfect pictures of the boys is tough. I can look at our pictures of them and think they should all go on the blog, but this is a gardening blog. The pics with snow are from last November. The city requires that they be on lead.

Fred in his pensive mood

Fred in his "gallant elder" pose

Bob "emperor of all he sees"

Bob the "goof'


sanddune said...

Nothing better than a good dog to keep you company while you work outside. I have two myself and a granddog who visits most the time.
Have a wonderful Christmas !

Lona said...

Man I need Bob and Fred to chase off my deers around here. Are the boys going on vacation too?;-)
Have a wonderful time and take bunches and bunches of pictures.
Happy Holidays!

Noelle Johnson said...

Dogs make great gardening companions don't they? My husband gave me an early Christmas present for my grieving Golden Retriever....a Chihuahua. We lost our dog Kimbo 2 months ago and she has been lost since. I never thought I would be one of those people who owned a little dog, but we saw his face in the animal shelter and that was it....