Saturday, December 5, 2009

mowing grass in December

There is something weird about mowing grass in December. We should have snow on the ground. What really put a strange twist to it was getting the snow blower fired up first to make sure it worked. The back yard was frosted over all day. The pachysandra is all wilted because it was in the 20's last night. It won't brown out. It will stay green all winter.


Jean Campbell said...

Enjoy, enjoy. Snow will come. By March, you'll be thinking what a long winter it has been.

janie said...

Are you wishing for snow? I would never wish for snow. Rain, certainly, but snow means that it is cold outside. I am a cold weather sissy.

Noelle Johnson said...

Well, that is a normal sight in neck of the woods. But, we did not overseed our grass this winter, so my husband has a reprieve until March ;0)