Saturday, December 12, 2009

texture in the backyard

Big Blue is not so big or blue any more. All that's left are seed stalks. We leave all the hosta stalks up thru the winter. The ligularia stalks stay up till I need the seeds to use or give away. The grasses and goldenrod glow in the sunlight. They dominate the winter scape, especially when snow covers the back yard. We leave most of our lawn ornamentation out all year. The gazing ball is the only survivor this year; deer got the rest.


janie said...

I love those grasses. They are especially valuable when there is nothing else in the garden.

Lona said...

The browns of grasses take on a beautiful look in the winter as the wind plays with them.

leavesnbloom said...

I saw a picture of your "big blue" over on Blotanical so I know how big it really was!

I agree that those grasses are very valuable during the winter months and especially when they have a dusting of frost.