Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Road trip with the Grobles

Pat, Jimmy and I took some time off to visit Sarah. On our way we decided to visit Calumet Fisheries. We watched a Tony Bourdain show on the Travel Channel that featured the place. Calumet Fisheries is an old fashioned smoke and fry joint. My Uncle Harold used to take me to places like this when I was a kid. I used to take Jimmy to fish houses when I was driving. Fish houses are a dying business in Chicago. Think about it, they're only a grease fire away from burning down. I'm still looking for one in Cleveland. The fried shrimp and smelts were wonderful. The smoked salmon, trout and chub were beyond wonderful. This is a must visit place on Chicago's far southeast side.

Pat and I went to dinner with Tom and Nancy McKenna at Emilio's Tapas restaurant when we got in town. We can't find a tapas restaurant in Cleveland. Our kids used to baby sit their kids. Nancy and Tom's oldest is a sophmore in college, so you can figure out how old I feel all of a sudden. It is great to see Tom and Nancy when we get in town.

You might remember this bridge from the Blues Brothers.

Whenever I have a chance to drive around any city, I always search out it's industrial heart. This is a picture of a railroad lift bridge off of east 95th street and the Calumet River.

Jimmy took this shot of Pat and I at Calumet Park and Lake Michigan.

This is our Cleveland connection. The steel mill in the distance is the Old LTV plant now owned by Mittal Steel. The same as in Cleveland.

Pat and Sarah

Sarah and Jimmy

Pat and Nancy McKenna

Hey, you know I can't go a day without taking a picture of some kind of plant. These flowers are in the mother-in-law, Shirley's, back yard. As usual, I havn't a clue what these flowers are. They are pretty.

On our way home.

Picking up the dogs. If the boys could talk, it might be referred to as a rescue.

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