Monday, April 27, 2009

My annual turf grass rant

I am not a fan of turf grass. Pat and I have worked very hard at ridding the back yard of most of it. The front yard continues to stymie us. It may be that we don't have a plan. And as anybody who's a fan of Fred Thompson (as an actor only) knows, "the Russians (substitute gardener) don't take a dump (substitute tear up the yard) without a plan." Maybe we don't have a vision. Pat and I sit on the terrace and wonder what we're going to do. The conversation normally involves a list of plants that'll grow in the front yard. Last weekend we went to a seminar telling us that we need to control the gardener in us and become a designer for a couple of minutes. So the quest continues.

Until we can figure out what to do, we're going to have the best looking turf grass around. I mean look how green and flat it looks.

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