Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I’m as big a fan of Bambi as anyone, but this crosses the line. I weep for my poor Sum and Substance, or what’s left of it. Maybe field mice or rabbits did the dirty deed, but I kind of doubt it. I didn’t find any field mice or rabbit tracks, not that I know what they look like. I did find deer tracks.


Anonymous said...

Sum and Substance?? That was either a deer with a very large appetite or one with lots of friends! I do like the way they always leave their identifying hoof marks by the plant -- just in case you are in any doubt about who ate your hosta. My hostas always grow back after deer predation, but this would still make me use bad language. -Jean

Shyrlene said...

What IS it with "predatorial" herbivores singling out some of our favorite plants?!! (Why don't they eat the bumper crop of dandelions?!)

One of my 'drunken sailor' Arborvitae was hollowed out at the base as a shelter by the local hasenpfeffer. I'll have to change "The Bunnies Buffet" to "The Bunnies Bed & Breakfast"... It's making me crazy!

Lona said...

Since it tasted one I am afraid it will be back Jim. Time to get the deer repellant out.

The Idiot said...

Venison pie, Jim.

That's all I have to say.