Monday, June 27, 2011

Cleveland Garden Walk

This past Saturday was the first annual Cleveland Garden Walk. There were more gardens to see than there was time to see them. Pat and I walked through 2 of the 4 neighborhoods on the tour, Tremont and Detroit-Shoreway. It was a great way to learn about some great neighborhoods in Cleveland. We saw beautiful gardens and met some wonderful gardeners. Along the way, we also found some nice places to eat.

Every garden we visited had rain barrels. It looks like the gardeners all went to the same Consevation District workshops Pat and I attended.

When I gazed upon the giant train set in the back yard I started laughing and couldn't stop. You could sense the fun its creator had in showing it off. It was magical.

This roof top garden was the WOW! of the garden walk. It is two years old and the owners did everything themselves. Is that cool or what? The plants are all native Ohio grasses and flowers.


Esther Montgomery said...

It seems people with small or comparatively ordinary gardens had the confidence to show them to visitors as well as those who have grand ones - and I find that inspiring.


Gatsbys Gardens said...

I love garden walks, great learning experience. I am going to see a train garden today, never saw one before.


Anonymous said...

I enjoy going on your trips with you. You inspire me to leave the nursery more often.