Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Or some distant cousin, paid a visit today. What a treat! I was upstairs when I heard the boys going nuts. Something was afoot, or is it afeet since Bambi here has four of them. By the time I made it to the Aztec to chase Bambi down, he was gone. Pat got these pictures. Deer are in our yard every night, but seldom do we see any during the day. This little guy got his sleep patterns out of wack, or maybe he was just hungry.

I put the wind chimes next to the bird feeders thinking that if the deer bumped into them, they would run off.
So much for that idea. I always thought that the squirrels emptied the bird feeders. I guess I owe them an apology.

Pat took this vid using our brand new camera. It was the first time she used it.



redneckrosarian said...

Great post. Wow! They are so close!

Bernie said...

Oh my goodness, fancy a deer eating from your birdfeeder ... and he obviously doesn't mind a little wind chime music while he's munching!! How wonderful. Fabulous photos. I guess you'll be apologizing to those poor squirrels now!

Lona said...

They love a free lunch of birdseed. They think your garden is a free range area since they have been there before with no ill effects. The raccoons usually beat them to the birdseed around here.

Kalipso said...


myomyohi said...

Sorry about the bird feeders but the deer are adorable.

debsgarden said...

I say let them have all the birdseed they want, as long as they leave your hostas alone!