Thursday, July 16, 2009

Native plants

The pink flower below is a marsh milkweed. Pat and I got this guy at the Wilmot Nature Area. It's native to Ohio and attracts butterflies. We thought we would try them because they grow well in moist sunny areas. Depending on who you talk to this plant is either an attractive alternative to those invasive non-native plants or a noxious weed that will take over your yard in a couple of years. Well, we only have two of these guys so they better get a move on to be invasive. The bottom two pics are swamp mallow. It also grows well in sunny moist areas and came from Wilmot as well. It blooms in early spring with a yellow flower. It appears to naturalize well. All the small plants under the swamp mallow are from seed.

The conflicting advice we've gotten regarding these plants highlights why I'm dissillusioned with garden clubs. An invasive plant is just one that you don't want. If you don't like it, just pull it out or don't plant it. I shouldn't have been suprised that even garden clubs have true believers, but I was. The advice these people give is that their gardens are the true and right way. Unbelievable! All I wanted to do was improve my gardening ability.

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