Sunday, July 12, 2009

From my favorite chair

Most every day, when I'm done with my daily project, You'll find me sitting under the maple and pine trees in the back yard. It's always nice and cool and gives me the sense of seclusion. I take my camera, something to drink and whatever book I'm reading. I don't do as much reading as I'd like because I usually doze off. When I'm awake there are always pleasant surprises to see. I heard the ducks before I saw them. They are the same group that I took pictures of when they were chicks (I guess that's what you call baby ducks) and all 11 are still together. The crows are my daily Alfred Hitchcock moment. They are right outside my window in the magnolia tree every morning at 5:30.

1 comment:

PhotoGirl said...

your family of ducks are really cute! How did you get them to stay in your yard?