Sunday, March 29, 2009

yet, more signs of spring

The ligularia is sprouting up. The well established plants and the seeds I planted last fall are all popping up. Pat and I will never have to buy another ligularia plant again. Pretty cool. The lenten rose has doubled in size from last year. There are three seperate flower stems this year. We're leaving the winter leaf mulch on the hosta beds for another couple of weeks. It's supposed to snow this week and the hosta aren't even close to popping up.

A freshly raked back yard.

So, what is it? if you know, please let us know. It sort of looks like ligularia, but isn't because ligulariadoesn't come up in clumps. It also sorta looks like that dreaded weed, creeping charlie, but isn't because creeping charlie is green and kind of a vine.

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