Monday, March 2, 2009

I'm back

Oh boy was I sick. I spent Feburary fighting a sinus and lung infection. This fight occurs every year. This year it was later than usual. What made it worse was every time I coughed, my broken vertebrea hurt like hell. Well, my primary care doc said,"'how about I give you something for your cough" and my spinal doc said "how about I give you something for your back". I can't remember what I said after I took both meds.

That's why Pat drove to the Akron garden show. It's the end of February and mother nature's been teasing us with occasional warm weather where the snow all melts and shows us the yard. Two days in the 40's and I want to rake the yard and just do stuff. Pat, on the other hand, being the ever present voice of reason, reminds me that my back is still broke and I'll regret it once the meds wear off. Well the next best thing is a garden show. Especially one that has lawn ornamentation vendors. We weren't dissapointed. We found a metal tree and all is good in the gardening world. Oh, and we got to see Ed Begley, Jr. talking about easy ways to go green.

And how could I pass a historical marker? This one's not about George Washington. It's about the big rubber strike in '36.
By the way, winter reared its ugly head again. It's about 15 out.

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Sean said...

Glad you're back to blogging, Jim.

I miss the heck out of you guys.