Monday, March 9, 2009

Fun and games on a Sunday afternoon

The Strongsville Women's League buys a table at the Strongsville Education Foundation trivia pursuit game. Pat brings me along for the history and geography portion of the game. Well, I answered 9 out of 10 in that category and the 3 history questions in potpourri. I always thought that potpourri was that smelly stuff people hung in their bathrooms. The history questions were pretty easy, I mean, doesn't everyone know what the flag of Libya looks like?

I've been on the same team for 3 years know. Our ex-neighbor Don sat in during the sports segment. To tell you how sports infused Ohio is, each segment of this event is called a quarter. It gets worse. The jamoke who's in charge threatens every team with a technical if anyone questions the answers. Well we were perfect with the sports questions. We got none of them right. I've never trusted guys who know way too much sports trivia. Something occurred during their formative years that make me glad that our daughters have never been attracted to them. But, the team does need one of these guys to be competitive. We lost the lead during the sports segment, never to regain it.

The guys who run the event remind me of the jamokes at summer camp who talked and talked about a project, when Wayne had us start and finish the project while the other guys were still talking. I'll blog about educational apparatchiks later. The students who worked the video equipment only got to film the event. They told me that they don't get to do any editing. Like I said, a later day.


sarah manville gann said...

What a big room full of white people. Wait! It's Bund v2.0.

Kathryn said...

well, Sarah, they don't call it the White Woman's League for nothing.

a big trivial pursuit tournament sounds awesome!