Tuesday, March 24, 2009

More pictures of the boys

I can't get enough pictures of the boys. Every day is a new adventure. Yesterday the black lab from behind us came over to visit. Well, since the boys didn't invite him over, they attacked him. Being a lab, this dog just stood there in disbelief. His owner just kept saying "I"m sorry, I'm sorry". I reminded my backyard neighbor to exercise positive control of the dog and told her as long as she didn't mind her dog getting bit up, I didn't mind the dog wandering over.

Bob is pretty friendly when he's by himself. Fred is the paranoid in the family. I think it's from his being on his own in central Illinois when he was a pup. When Fred feels threatened, and he always feels threatened, Bob comes to his aid with his big dog teeth. Fred just gums you when he bites. His teeth are pretty worn down.

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