Friday, February 25, 2011

snow day

While the weather reports Thursday evening called for a storm of epic proportions, there was no new snow on the ground at midnight. Even before the storm arrived, school districts were calling off school. The race seemed to be on to see which county would close the most schools. When I got up at 0430, there was just a light snow. The television weather people were speaking in terms of the apocalypse, yet none of the large districts in Cuyahoga County had called off. I put on a pot of coffee and sat back waiting for something to happen. Well it did. By 0500 the snow was that pretty, heavy snow that looks so nice on a Saturday afternoon when you are sitting by a fire. By 0530 the wind had picked up and the snow was coming at us horizontally. It was so thick that I thought ODOT wasn’t going to be able to keep up. Still, none of the big districts had called off. I was resigned to a wintery driving adventure heading to a classroom whose students were all exercising a personal snow day. Common sense prevailed in the halls of administration land. I received the official notice: SNOW DAY.

The tree is still sad.

As luck would have it, Jimmy had just gotten home from two weeks in North Carolina. We were happy to see him and I was happy that I wasn’t going to shovel snow. All hail Jimmy, shoveler of long driveways.
The Akron Home and Flower Show is this weekend.



Gatsbys Gardens said...

Big scare here Jim, but just a trace and I made it downtown.


rohrerbot said...

Alright, I'll admit it....that is video is absolutely beautiful. There's nothing like a school day being called off:)

Bernie said...

Old Man Winter is not giving up easily! They are pretty pictures to me ... but of course we don't live with snow or snowstorms here. Glad to hear you did get the day off ... what horrid conditions it would have been if you had to travel to school.

FlowerLady said...

Glad you didn't get hit with a big storm. Hang in there, pretty soon spring will be there where you are. Enjoy the upcoming flower show.


Marguerite said...

After snowing you in that storm kept heading east and made it our way. It's kind of unreal just how much snow we've received this year and there doesn't seem to be any stopping in the near future. Thank goodness for friendly farmers who will plow out our driveway for a small fee.

Kris said...

So glad you didn't have to try and get to work in that mess. It was pretty amazing just how fast it piled up once it started coming down. Hope you didn't have too much problem with todays rainstorm. It's quite a mess down here.

Chef_uk said...

The last of our snow was just before Christmas thank god. I love the snow but really don't think i could cope with the amount you guys get lol. How long before the final frost?