Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Great Home and Garden Expo

It’s snowing again. We still haven’t got the ice off the driveway. Maybe the snow will give us a little traction. I tell myself that all that snow in the back yard is the reason we have all those healthy hosta. I guess I’ll have to take my own word at it because the snow's too deep for me to check. Our hellebores should be blooming soon. I wonder if they can bloom under two feet of snow.

So Pat and I had a choice, shovel the snow and ice or go to The Great Home and Garden Expo at the I-X Center. We are lucky in Cleveland to have competing Garden shows. This one lives up to its name. It is huge, taking up the entire I-X Center. I don’t know how many square feet it is but it’s big enough to have been a tank factory during the war. There’s a football game sometime this evening but I have no interest. I grew up in Chicago and have called Cleveland home for nine years, so a pox on both teams. Off to the garden show.

There were 20 display gardens, all with a movie theme. While the vendor display area was bright, the display garden area was lit with spotlights. The overhead lights were not on. It made for various dramatic looks, but tough picture taking. Here are a few of them. Well, there is actually more than a few. I am going to need a second post.
What's a poor boy to do when confronted with not just this display, but four displays just like it. Seed displays are at every garden show we go to and I am always overwhelmed. Before the next show, I'm going to have a list.

I always look for the sweet peet, that magical product which originated in Ohio. I found it of course and also found a really neat new product from Ohio. It’s a flower pot that wraps around your light pole, very cool indeed. We took one home. If the snow ever melts, I’ll put it on our light pole.

Pat is always on the hunt for pottery and we found a first time vendor. He had really neat stuff and we brought some home.

Okay, I'm shameless. I always get my picture with somebody's mascot at one these shows.

Do you think this would keep the deer away from my hosta?

The Akron Home and Flower Show is only three weeks away.


Kris said...

I envy your outing, Jim Oh good grief I'd still be standing in front of the seed racks! I liked the Edward Scissorhands topiary display. What were some of the other movie themes?

Lona said...

What a great getaway from winter. The topiary's are so wonderful. Great idea for the lamp post too. Look at all those seeds! I would probably still be there picking out some. LOL!

Kyna said...

I'm actually super-afraid of mascots. The fact that someone I don't know, who doesn't even talk, is trying to accost me really freaks me out. Unless I know the person in the suit, I don't go near them. And even if I DO know them I don't trust them. You're a brave man, Jim.

WiseAcre said...

I'd rather go to the dentist than shovel snow. The only problem is I've already had all my teeth pulled.

I kind of like that giant hand. It's got me thinking of making one out of hypertufa for a garden seat.

Pam's English Garden said...

Dear Jim, Good choice to go to the show rather than shovel snow and ice! Obviously it was a great day out. I look forward to seeing the lamp post flower pot around a post and planted. Also, look forward to your second posting about the Expo. P.

Is the Wiz said...

Dear Jim,
I so want one of those star topiaries!

Alistair said...

Hi Jim, interesting as your day out was, I just had to google sweet peet. Now that does look like good stuff.