Monday, August 31, 2009

general back yard pics

Every day I wander around the yard and take pictures. I used to pull weeds also, but gave up about half way through the summer. If you let your plants grow big enough, the weeds get choked out and only grow on the edges. The green thing in the center of the first picture started life the size of your fist. We tried three different places before it took where it is now. I'm going to have to move some of the plants next to it because it should grow to 5 ft. wide and 3-4 ft. high. It's some kind of astilbe. This year the hydrangea have exploded. All summer long we've had great blooms. It's supposed to bloom till the first frost. The small pink things are flox I think. The goldenrod and sedum are full of bees. You can hear them when you're close to the plants.

Our little friend.

Everytime I see these guys I have this urge to break out in that famous operatic song "Kill the Wabbit".

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