Thursday, August 13, 2009


The ligularia are starting to bloom and we still have plenty of hosta and day lilies blooming. We have something bedding down in one of the day lily beds. Every morning I have to fix yard lights that get knocked down during the night. We bring it on ourselves between planting flora that attracts animals and putting out 50 pounds of bird feed a week ( it is flora isn't it?). I keep thinking that I need to camp out in the back yard with a flashlight and a camera. I don't want to chase anything out of the yard, I just want pictures to enter at the county fair.

Bees and hosta make for great pictures.

This is our best Sum and Substance hosta. It's 5 foot in diameter and 2 feet tall.

When the chameleon plant gets a little sun, the leaves get a nice red hue.

One of our little friends. I'm thinking that the berm is actually a rabbit development.

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PhotoGirl said...

the bees are really cool!