Tuesday, August 11, 2009

County Fair

Nothing says county fair better than Elvis impersonators, except maybe two men and a campfire. The boy scout jokes went through my head like crazy so I left quickly. Maybe if I stayed longer I could have gotten hunk a hunk of burning love out of my head.

For an urbanated area like Cuyahoga County, there sure were a lot of animals. The full gamit of farm animals were present. Pat and I watched some kind of cow judging. Pat looked agast when the judge talked about the cows as product. Oh no, someone's going to turn Bessie into steak. Good thing we aren't going to the auction.

Along the midway were all the traditional food choices. We had a choices of undercooked onion blossoms, undercooked funnel cakes and everything on a stick. We found "authentic" Wisconsin cheese curds. As we were walking around I started thinking about Pat and me traveling the country in a full size van pulling a food trailer. Could be an interesting retirement.

I decided that riding the ferris wheel would be a neat way of getting some cool pics. It didn't look that tall and it was only a buck. Everything went well till I remembered how much heights freak me out. The little kids behind me were laughing the whole ride. I hope their laughter drowned out my screams.

They're cute, but they're still someone's future lunch.

Is Pat contemplating branching out? Just remember, they are livestock, not pets.

The ferris wheel of death

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Kathryn said...

the picture of the Ferris wheel is GREAT! i'm surprised you went on the ferris wheel yourself? mom didn't go on with you?

sean and i went to the OC county fair a few weeks ago (to see the B-52s perform) and i was amazed at the number of FFA clubs that exist in orange county. nothing about orange county screams future farmer (the oc only seems to scream strip mall and plastic surgery).