Sunday, June 14, 2009

Some backyard flowers

It's fun to sit on the patio or deck and look at our yard or walk the paths and take pictures. We sprayed for deer a couple a days ago because we could really notice the damage. Our neighbors ask us how can we tell. Well, if you weed every day, you know. An unexpected side effect is that we haven't seen any rabbits in the last couple days. We like the rabbits more than we hate the deer, so we'll see.
We feed this guy and his family.

The ducks show up every two hours.


Kathryn said...

so I'm assuming that in your next blog post we'll see pictures of the new statue you're erecting in the backyard to commemorate the one-year anniversary of the most blessed and monumental event to have occurred in your lifetime? :-)

Jim Groble said...

Mom planted a climbing hydranga on the arbor. We'll turn the lights on. What day was it any way. I didn't miss it did I?