Thursday, June 4, 2009


Every day we walk the garden looking for animal damage. The damage ranges from plants being nibbled on, lights and bird baths knocked over and plants trampled. We feed the birds, ducks and who knows how many animals. I always figured the price of a backyard preserve was some nibbled plants. A couple days ago we noticed that the deer had eaten all the clematis flowers. We now have a four foot tall viney thing. We consolidated what few black-eyed-susans we had left and put chicken wire around them when we noticed that every plant we had was eaten.

Today during my walk I came upon one of the culprits. When I spotted the rabbit chomping away, as if it was his birthright, I was overcome by the strains of Wagner with a lisp. Elmer Fudd did sing with a lisp didn't he? But you know, he is kinda cute.

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