Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Just another day at work.

It's a spring day in the Glenville neighborhood and the bangers are out, almost like a line from Atlantic City. Everyday, right before Glenville lets out, the banger boys show up and hang out. I guess the legal term is assemble. A Cleveland PD cruiser showed up and the bangers moved to our side of Lakeview Rd. I'm used to seeing this minuet between these guys.

Something was going to happen. I heard the song in my head. 'The neighbors came out and gathered about and said...". There was a sound of a pop. Was that a firecracker? The sirens woke me out of my daydream. That was no firecracker. It had to be a handgun. All of a sudden there were 4, no 6, no 8 squad cars plus an ambulance and fire truck. The cops got a guy in cuffs and are throwing him into a squad. The scene is causing a gaper's block. The street's crowded with cars and students from Glenville. Our school hasn't let out yet. The cops aren't taking any crap from the onlookers so the crowd disperses. Virtual Schoolhouse lets out and our kids disperse for the same reason the Glenville kids did.

45 minutes later and it's my time to leave. The cops are still there. The ambulance is long gone. A suit from PD HQ shows up. It's beginning to look like a city job. I drive out of the parking lot and go home. Boy, this has got to make the local news. Just another day at work.

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Annie the Garden Gal said...

Isn't being a teacher just the grandest thing? Life is never dull.