Thursday, May 14, 2009

How'd it get there

This little orphan hosta had to grow from seed. We split hosta all the time to propagate it, but growing from seed seemed beyond our ability. Well, it still is beyond my capability, but the hosta plants seemed to have it all figured out. It's growing in a crack between a couple of bricks.
The ligularia tucked in amongst the ferns came from seeds I scattered last fall. It will be a nice counterpoint to the ferns. The ferns die back about the time ligularia bloom.
The brunera growing in the myrtle also came from naturalizing (I think that's the right term. I still resist garden lingo.) The silver and green leaves look nice against the darker green leaves of the myrtle.
The bottom pic is of our ligularia nursery. All the plants are from seed that I scattered 2 falls ago. We transplanted them from the yard last fall. We'll transplant them back into the yard this fall. I crossed the line into serious gardening didn't I? Maybe I'll start speaking Latin besides "ubi est mea."

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