Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Garden show

So we are sitting in a giant tent at the garden show staying out of the rain, waiting for the presentation to start, when a guy from DIY asks if we ever get any sun. Everyone kinda laughed knowing that we don't see the sun for four months in winter. Besides, I thought it rained everywhere on Memorial day weekend. I mean, it always seemed to rain when we went camping.

Pat and I are waiting for words of wisdom from Ahmed Hassan from DIY on how to garden better. I'm thinking that my children must think this is not the father they grew up with. It's pretty funny. Here I am reading a hosta catalogue from a greenhouse two hours from us. They have 350 varieties on hand for our purchasing pleasure. The magic word turns out to be compost! Well I guess we do know what we're doing.

The garden show had a dozen show gardens. They were all very cool in size and presentation. It was neat seeing professionals using the same stuff Pat and I use. The vendor area was a lot of fun. Neat places to plan road trips to.

The green stuff in the foreground is buttercup. It has a yellow flower in mid summer. We pulled a bunch of ragweed that was choking the buttercup and the blue iris. Last year we had only a couple iris and the buttercup tripled in size.

The tall plant in the center below is a type of ligularia. In august it shoots up stems with an orangish yellow flower. We are slowly getting rid of the pachysandra by dumping a clay base with a sweet peat cover and planting with any other shade loving plant.

These are some of our blue flowers. You got your dark blue (below) and you got your light blue (above). The top picture is of some kind of lily. The bottom is a bearded iris.

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