Saturday, May 26, 2007

If it's Spring, it's raining in Cleveland

And who cares? Weeding is easier in the rain because the roots pull right out. Besides it's Memorial Day weekend. Gardening in the rain reminds me of long ago Memorial Day campouts at camp.

The spring flowers are starting to bloom. I can point out the peony from the pictures and that's about it. I help plant them. It isn't important if I know what they are called. You got your thin purple flower and you got your small pink flower. You got your yellow flower also. I think it's an iris. Whatever it is, it's pretty.

The hodge podge of hosta, ferns, brunera and lilies of the valley is in an area recently cleared of pachysandra.

We are off to the Cleveland Botanical Garden's outdoor garden show tomorrow. It is the largest outdoor show in the US. It should be pretty cool.

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