Monday, March 26, 2007

Wonderful Spring

The temperature is in the 60's and the sun is out. What a great day to do yard work. It's time to rake all yard and get all the leaves and thatch out of it. That way we can assess any damage the boys or other critters did over the winter.
The bushes we planted last fall all have buds on them so maybe our bad luck luck streak has ended.
Our first flower of the year bloomed . It's a lenten rose. The plant stayed green all winter. It's so nice that we are going to get a bunch because if one is good, more are better, especially when it comes to plants we can't kill.
We made our first spring visit to Home Depot. We were only going for some grass seed, really we were. What we got was 5 boxwoods, a cherry tree, a flowering pear tree, a concrete benck, two really cool pots, and three more rabbits to drive the boys crazy.
We also put out some more lawn ornatemtation that we picked up at the Cleveland garden show. Well we have to get this all planted before the weekend. The forcast is for snow. Ah! Cleveland in the early spring. You gotta love it.

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