Sunday, April 1, 2007


The yard is bursting in new growth. The lagularia in the top picture is showing itself. This little plant will get 3 feet tall will flower in late August with a brilliant orange flower. The primrose in the lower two pictures is quite a wonderment. We moved these guys 3 times last year. their feet were getting too wet. It looks like we found the right place for them. I don't know the latin term for any of the plants in the yard. My latin is confined to my boys latin names. There is Bobicus canineicus, known to the world as Bob the dog and Fredicus caninicus, known to the world as fred the dog.

The yard is fully racked and ready as Jim and Pat's pallett. We start an enlarged front terrase with flower beds tommorrow. Hope to get it done before the snow comes at the end of the week. This is Cleveland in the spring after all.

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