Sunday, March 18, 2007

It's back!

Like a bad penny, winter showed up again yesterday. Just when I thought it was over, six inches of snow greeted me and the boys Saturday morning. Fred took one look at it and hightailed it back into the house. Bob looks at new snow as a blank canvas which he needs to leave his mark on. He left as soon as I started the snow blower. That's why dogs will never take over the world. They can't stand snow blowers, lawn mowers and vacuum cleaners. But I digress.

Just when I was all set to clean the yard, it got covered with snow again. The yard does look pretty in a cover of snow, but enough is enough. One of the neighbor kids spotted six or so deer in our back yard. Now that is really cool. Our efforts at a back yard habitat seem to be paying off.


Kathryn said...

i can always count on your blog making me chuckle. the thing about dogs never taking over the world - funny.

Mr. Petkoff said...


Your entire house/yard looks great. Having spoken to you many of times I know that you worked hard to get it all. Being a golfer I know exactly how you are feeling about getting outside. It seems like the warm weather is only here for such a short period while the snow seems to never want to leave us.