Monday, February 6, 2012

garden show time

The Cleveland Home and Garden Show started this weekend. Normally it is an oasis of color in a universe of dingy white, but not this year. Nature has not cooperated. There is not a speck of snow to be found, not even hiding in the shadows like a Cuyahoga County politician. Pat had to dissuade me from starting spring clean-up. She’s right. It’s February for crying out loud. At any moment, we could get a couple feet of snow, but I digress.
The displays were fun to see. Only at garden shows do tulips and hosta share the same space. We also came across plants that we have in our garden. It makes me feel like I almost know what I’m doing in the yard when garden show displays use the same plants I have. We did see some new plants that we might just have room for this spring. 
What I really came for was lawn ornamentation. If we could find it at the food show, I knew that we could hunt some down at a garden show. Pat spotted people in the distance with steel pieces of art. , I I hoped they didn’t sell out before we worked our way through the aisles of hot tubs, patio bricks and assorted “as seen on TV” items. We found the reason I go to garden shows at the end of the very last aisle at the IX center. I think it was 2 or 3 miles from the entrance door and another 4 or 5 miles to the car. It was worth the hunt. There was a ton of neat stuff, or I should say, lawn ornamentation. I knew I reached my limit when Pat kept saying she didn’t like this or that, 6 or 7 times in a row. I asked the guy what other shows he displays. He’ll be at the Columbus show at the end of the month, and guess what? So will we.

We have room for a couple of these guys.
We gotta get some of these orange guys

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Lona said...

It is hard to believe that even you do not have any snow this winter. What a beautiful sight to see all of those tulips and hostas in beds. I am ready for the garden shows too.